Monday, 3 September 2012

What's in my bag

Now I know this may sound a little bit dull, but if you're as nosey as me you will love seeing what people tote around in their bags.  So here is a little view of what I carry around day to day.

*Bag- Balenciaga Giant Part Time with rose gold hardware.  Without a doubt my favourite handbag.  Big enough to carry all your essentials and more and has the softest leather I have ever felt!  The giant hardware can make it a little heavy sometimes, but apart from that I have no complaints.

*Prada Wallet- I don't know the actual name of this wallet but its saffiano leather in the colour cameo (dusty pink colour).  I love this wallet because it has plenty of pockets and slots to keep all your stuff organised.  It is also quite thin so doesn't take up a lot of room in your bag.

*Tom Ford Sunglasses- Once again, I don't know the style name of these glasses.  They are an aviator style.  I much prefer these to the RayBan aviators because I find the frame and arms of the RayBans a little flimsy for my liking.  I got these at duty free in Heathrow so saved myself a little bit of money.

*Cath Kidston Make-Up Bag- Nice small sized make up bag where I hide all the little bits and bobs that I hate floating around freely in my bag.  Currently contains hand cream, hand sanitizer, a few lipsticks, perfume and paracetamol.

*Model Mirror- Now I love this mirror because even though it is a compact mirror, it's still big enough to get a good view of yourself.  It comes with a regular mirror and also a magnified mirror to view all your imperfections.  Also comes with little LED lights around the edge of the mirror to view yourself in better lighting.

*Phone- Just your regular I-Phone 4, nothing exciting.  As you can tell I love Hello Kitty and always have some sort of Hello Kitty accessory with me.

*Tissues- I got these tissues in Hong Kong.  I like that they are in a small pack, and these particular ones are infused with a menthol scent.

*Chewing Gum- I always have some sort of gum with me because people always ask me for gum lol.  These ones are my favourite- Wrigley's peppermint flavour.

*Lipbalm- This lipbalm is a recent purchase from Boots.  It's by Soap & Glory called "A Great Kisser".  I got this in the peach flavour, it also comes in 2 other flavours I think.  I love this because I double it up as a lipgloss as well.  Its very moisturizing, lasts a decent amount of time on the lips, smells amazing, and also has a light pink colour which leaves a very glossy look on the lips.

*Keys- Nothing exciting about the keys themselves, but what I do love is the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch  I have attached to them.  The key pouch is perfect for when you need to run some errands but don't want to carry a bag with you.  Its the perfect size to fit a few cards and a bit of cash in there.  I also have  a Mulberry tassel key ring on there.  It's not really necessary but it's an easy way to find my keys in my bag.

I would love to see what you carry in your bag. So if you also have a blog post please feel free to link it in the comments :)  

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