Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lanvin Ballet Flats

I received a very lovely package yesterday :)

I absolutely adore this packaging! Very different from your regular shoe box with removable lid.  As you can see from the title of this blog, inside is a pair of Lanvin ballet style flats.

The pair I have chosen are the gold snake skin effect ballet flats.  Link!
I first set my eyes on these when I was in Selfridge's London last week.  To the eye they just look like your standard boring old flats.  But when I tried them on it felt like I was walking on clouds!  The sales assistant explained to me that the new design has some thick cushioning on the bottom of the shoe, which is what makes them extremely comfortable.  

I know they are very pricy for just a pair of flats, but to me they are worth every penny.  I have seriously never worn shoes so comfy in my life!  The shoe has a hidden 1 inch heel.  This combined with the cushion is what makes the shoe so comfortable and different to all the other flats out there.  I usually find most ballet flats too flat, which tend to hurt my feet after a lot of walking.  But because of the hidden heel in these, it gives your foot that little bit of support so it doesn't feel like you're walking bare foot on the ground.

It looks like I will definitely be investing in another pair of Lanvin ballet flats.  Maybe a patent leather pair next time?

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