Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lanvin Ballet Flats

I received a very lovely package yesterday :)

I absolutely adore this packaging! Very different from your regular shoe box with removable lid.  As you can see from the title of this blog, inside is a pair of Lanvin ballet style flats.

The pair I have chosen are the gold snake skin effect ballet flats.  Link!
I first set my eyes on these when I was in Selfridge's London last week.  To the eye they just look like your standard boring old flats.  But when I tried them on it felt like I was walking on clouds!  The sales assistant explained to me that the new design has some thick cushioning on the bottom of the shoe, which is what makes them extremely comfortable.  

I know they are very pricy for just a pair of flats, but to me they are worth every penny.  I have seriously never worn shoes so comfy in my life!  The shoe has a hidden 1 inch heel.  This combined with the cushion is what makes the shoe so comfortable and different to all the other flats out there.  I usually find most ballet flats too flat, which tend to hurt my feet after a lot of walking.  But because of the hidden heel in these, it gives your foot that little bit of support so it doesn't feel like you're walking bare foot on the ground.

It looks like I will definitely be investing in another pair of Lanvin ballet flats.  Maybe a patent leather pair next time?

Monday, 3 September 2012

What's in my bag

Now I know this may sound a little bit dull, but if you're as nosey as me you will love seeing what people tote around in their bags.  So here is a little view of what I carry around day to day.

*Bag- Balenciaga Giant Part Time with rose gold hardware.  Without a doubt my favourite handbag.  Big enough to carry all your essentials and more and has the softest leather I have ever felt!  The giant hardware can make it a little heavy sometimes, but apart from that I have no complaints.

*Prada Wallet- I don't know the actual name of this wallet but its saffiano leather in the colour cameo (dusty pink colour).  I love this wallet because it has plenty of pockets and slots to keep all your stuff organised.  It is also quite thin so doesn't take up a lot of room in your bag.

*Tom Ford Sunglasses- Once again, I don't know the style name of these glasses.  They are an aviator style.  I much prefer these to the RayBan aviators because I find the frame and arms of the RayBans a little flimsy for my liking.  I got these at duty free in Heathrow so saved myself a little bit of money.

*Cath Kidston Make-Up Bag- Nice small sized make up bag where I hide all the little bits and bobs that I hate floating around freely in my bag.  Currently contains hand cream, hand sanitizer, a few lipsticks, perfume and paracetamol.

*Model Mirror- Now I love this mirror because even though it is a compact mirror, it's still big enough to get a good view of yourself.  It comes with a regular mirror and also a magnified mirror to view all your imperfections.  Also comes with little LED lights around the edge of the mirror to view yourself in better lighting.

*Phone- Just your regular I-Phone 4, nothing exciting.  As you can tell I love Hello Kitty and always have some sort of Hello Kitty accessory with me.

*Tissues- I got these tissues in Hong Kong.  I like that they are in a small pack, and these particular ones are infused with a menthol scent.

*Chewing Gum- I always have some sort of gum with me because people always ask me for gum lol.  These ones are my favourite- Wrigley's peppermint flavour.

*Lipbalm- This lipbalm is a recent purchase from Boots.  It's by Soap & Glory called "A Great Kisser".  I got this in the peach flavour, it also comes in 2 other flavours I think.  I love this because I double it up as a lipgloss as well.  Its very moisturizing, lasts a decent amount of time on the lips, smells amazing, and also has a light pink colour which leaves a very glossy look on the lips.

*Keys- Nothing exciting about the keys themselves, but what I do love is the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch  I have attached to them.  The key pouch is perfect for when you need to run some errands but don't want to carry a bag with you.  Its the perfect size to fit a few cards and a bit of cash in there.  I also have  a Mulberry tassel key ring on there.  It's not really necessary but it's an easy way to find my keys in my bag.

I would love to see what you carry in your bag. So if you also have a blog post please feel free to link it in the comments :)  

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello & Welcome....

After many years of reading and following fashion and beauty blogs I have finally decided to start a blog of my own.  I am doing this to share my overly obsessed love for shoes, handbags, beauty products and much more with the rest of you guys.  I may not have a huge amount of followers like many bloggers out there, but see this as a type of diary in which I can look back on and see how my views have changed from now.  

I hope you guys enjoy my posts and I look forward to sharing my obsessions with you all :)